Sunday, May 26, 2013

Reasons Why Visitors or Users Never Come Back to Your Website

It is a given fact that attractive designing and top notch development are two important factors that help you drive more business revenues and customers from your website. But, for many corporate and ecommerce websites management it appears that their online presence doesn’t really help in engaging visitors or turn users into customers.

It is very critical that the reasons why visitors or users never come back again to the website or leave the website after the first 10 second stay. Do you wish to know which are the possible reasons or things within your website design that cause the crisis that many webmasters are too intimately familiar with.

Unwanted pop-ups Ads
Pop-ups for ads or other stuff that appear the moment the website loads really turn off the visitors. Additionally, some sites feature music or worse, a podcast that starts playing automatically without the users ‘permission. While you view these popups or podcast screening an essential part of your website design and promotion strategy, your users generally do not put with this nonsense.

Dead links
The worst thing that could happen to a user’s experience on your website is a 404- Page Not Found error. It is impossible to maintain or even sustain traffic in such scenarios. Make sure your website doesn't have any dead links or missing files. This is especially true for eCommerce websites. Users usually click on a landing page that comes up in search results. A missing or dead link is a sure guarantee that that user (and his friends) is not coming back.

Not so clear navigation
Another big anonymous that mars the user’s experience is the when the user can’t find the information they are looking for on the website. Create an unbroken navigation for your website and then have a UI expert evaluate the design.

Force users to download something to read the content
Many websites often force users to download the document or software. This is considered as the ‘price’ of reading the content of the website! While the practice is dwindling, there are some sites that continue this practice. In this age of lack of trust, does any webmaster seriously think that a user would actually download anything from an untrusted source? This is one of the fastest ways of losing credibility, and hence traffic and revenues.

Mandatory registration really drives them crazy
Forcing the user to register is a surefire way of diverting traffic to your competitors. This gimmick has been so abused by the spammers looking to harvest email addresses that a user would rather do another Google search then to fill a form. Make sure that the information is there on the landing page so that the user could get what they come for. 

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