Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Four gadgets expected to hit the market by December 2013

Four gadgets that were till now considered science fiction could become a fact of life by December 2013. The break neck pace of the development in hi-tech world means that we could be using four of the most anticipated gadgets of recent times

Flexible Displays

LG, the South Korean technology giant has been in the process of developing flexible displays for their next line of products. These displays have been the topic of discussion for many years with pros and cons of the technology thoroughly discussed.

LG has recently announced that they have developed and tested a range of flexible displays that would offer multiple views, a wide viewing angle and best of all, lower power consumption than the traditional LCD and 
LED based displays.

Incidentally, there were rumours of Apple being involved or at least being at the top of the client list. However, both LG and Apple have refused to comment.

Smart Glasses

Smart glasses are the staple of sci-fi shows. They are depicted as augmented reality devices that greatly add to the work and play time of the person using them.

The launch of Google Glass brought these ideas into real life. The project received a lot of attention from all quarters. Fan boys gloated over the features while the opposition highlighted the privacy issues.

While Google Glass might be the star of the show, it is not the only product about to hit the market. Companied like Recon will make smart glasses available at $500. The gadget will include an HD camera, microphone and a host other features

Smart Watches

The phenomenon of Smart Watches is not new. They are already available from various vendors. However, the current models are nothing more than small display screen acting like the extension of the device they are paired with. True smart watches that respond to voice commands and weight less than the current models will be available by the year’s end. The oft rumoured iWatch might also make its appearance some time near December 2013.

Affordable 3D Printers

3D printers that print out solid objects have been on the market. But the price tag is high enough to restrict them to being the novelty playthings for a select few. We will see a sharp decline in the cost of 3D printers by December 2013. It is estimated that the price might actually fall below the $1,000 mark.

Also you could rest assure that 3D printers will not cause the society to break down. All those scary stories about people “printing” guns through 3D printers are really that; stories to deter the spread of the technology.  A gun made entirely out of plastic with blow itself on the first pull of the trigger.

So rest easy and start saving for your favourite gadget. Christmas 2013 is just five month away! 

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