Thursday, November 20, 2014

Musings on Hobby

For as long as I could remember, my primary hobby has been reading. Over years I have amassed a significant library of books that I borrowed, stole or in extreme cases paid for.

I briefly ventured into PC gaming but found out that it is more of an addiction rather than a hobby. Unlike a book, it is very difficult to leave a level unfinished. Therefore, after some very traumatic months, I decided to leave the world of FPS forever.

I work with words on the day job. More specifically, I write blog post and SEO focused articles. The work allows me to use my creative skills and the pay is almost sufficient. The downside of this job is that I become too exhausted to use a laptop at home. This usually rules out a movie. I stopped watching the idiot box several years ago and do not intend to start filling my mind with the issues of dysfunctional groups of humans

I need a new hobby, some thing that would challenge me and provide a satisfying outcome. 

I decided to build simple electronics project because the whole thing is so removed from my usually schedule tat it would be a breath of fresh air in the very stuffy daily routine that I call life.

I will continue to post updates on how my new hobby is going. Perhaps some aspiring electronics engineer or hobbyist could benefit from my experiences.


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